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Cationic Starch

Cation VN-6105® is supplied as a free flowing white powder. The starch manufacturer extracts the native starch from the plant source, then carries out a further modification step to introduce cationic charges onto the starch molecule. The number of cationic groups typically range from 2 per 100 starch monomers up to 10. The number of cationic groups per hundred starch monomers is called the degree of substitution (ds), expressed as a decimal fraction. Typically, most cationic wet end starches have ds between 0.02 and 0.06 (meaning between 3 and 6 cationic groups per 100 starch monomer units)

  1. Dry strength and stiffness improvement.
  2. Increase strength of wet paper web.
  3. Improve the retention of fine fiber, filler, and other wet end additives.
  4. Increase dewatering rate in paper making process.
  5. Improve anti-linting and dusting performance, surface smoothness and better printability.


Packing: 25/50kgs with PP/PE or multiwall paper bag.  500/850/1000kgs...with jumbo bag.

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