rice noodles

In Vietnam cuisine, noodles are round fibrous foods, soft white, made from rice starch, fiber created through molds and cooked in boiling water. As a raw material, a major component for processing a variety of dishes that usually have the name of the dish at the top bun (vermicelli as fish, noodle grow, bun cha, bun thang, etc.), rice noodles are one of the foods the most popular in the country, second only to the form of rice dishes, noodle.

Basically noodles, pasta, noodles, rice paper, dried vermicelli noodles or use of starch grains, mainly rice, flour processes and finished products made nearly similar. However, between them less certain distinction according ingredients or processing methods: Bun handmade, using rice starch, fiber round section, soft. Pasta or rice starch flour, sometimes combined with some other ingredients such as eggs (egg noodles); be cut square or circular fiber yarn small and often dry. Noodles rice starch, coating thin and cut into long strands. Pancake with nearly similar way noodles but can be combined with the cornstarch, and the final product is usually dried; such type of pancake with crab cakes using rice flour combined with crab meat, dried. Myanmar has more fiber small square, usually made from cornstarch, flour dong, dry finished products. Another product, prevalent in South Vietnam, almost similar to vermicelli noodle dish [1], although there is little fiber, chewy noodles and more long-swallowing.

Process noodles generally quite picky and take longer but basically in every village, every family makes handmade noodles are similar manner: rice is carefully selected in order to obtain plastic rice rice, rice is often seasonal.
Rice is washed, cleaned and treated and soak in water overnight. Then put the soaked rice puree in a blender with water to form a plastic rice flour, pastes. And great-grandchildren to be annealed powder left sour water, then put on the table presses, finely powdered fruits calf to adult size. The results continue to be kneading dough, mixing the liquids to clean water and then passed through a clean filter screen star, dust sheets to form rice starch.

Rice starch is added to the mold bun. Mold usually made of vermicelli long tube shape, the top of the mold with a piece of metal perforated round holes. Squeezed noodles stage is usually done by hand or arm to compress the powder in the mold through the holes. Powder flowing through the holes when the mold was twisting, compressing, forming noodles, boiling pot of water falls below the preset mold. Noodles are blanched in boiling water for a few three minutes to nine, and was picked to quick rinse in clean water pot, cold noodles from being flat to stick together.

Finally picked stages coated noodles in pot of water and hand squeezed into a bun, leaf noodles, or noodles tangled. Noodles are placed on the bamboo baskets lined with banana leaves available, dried and brewed before going to market.

Currently noodles were produced by machine, vermicelli production increases, shortening the time.

Some types of rice noodles

Vermicelli noodles tangled kind after being fished out of the water pot coated, are placed in baskets in a relatively clutter no apparent cubic shapes. Bun disorder is relatively common type and are suitable for many dishes, especially the noodle soup.
bun squeezed
the noodles are squeezed into each wire with a diameter of 4-5mm, size 30-40 cm long. When eating noodle leaves are cut into short segments. Suitable for some dishes like bean vermicelli noodles dotted shrimp sauce, bun cha.
bun held
Vermicelli noodles are holding is the holding cake into small, flat. Less common than the above-mentioned two kinds of noodles.


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