Effects of cassava flour

Cassava tuber is considered to be one of the largest tubers, have medicinal value in China, Japan and Vietnam.

Typically, the root is the convergence of all the energy tree. That is why the original types, roots, tubers have an important place in the meal and all medicines. Regular tubers as ginseng, lotus root, turnip, beets, carrots have the power to increase strength and healing. Cassava tuber is considered to be one of the largest tubers, have medicinal value in China, Japan and Vietnam. On average, it weighs 200 grams cassava tubers in the East. It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and leader in the treatment of the disease powders.

Cassava tubers with dark bark, leaf green tassels and occupies 700 million hectares in the United States, grows wild from March to November 10. It developed as a cancer and spread throughout the states.


In the East, cassava is considered leguminous, from 2,000 years ago had an important place in Ayurvedic medicine, China, Japan. The freezing of making cassava flour cassava flour molecule enters the intestine and neutralizes the acid here, fight germs, prevent diarrhea. It alleviate immediate pain in the throat and intestinal bloating. Dhamananda Professor, Director, Institute of Traditional Medicine Research Oregan State, the cassava flour contains high levels plavonodit, is an active ingredient to enhance the activities digestive system and circulatory. Plavonodit is a well-known substance the body against oxidation. Kudzu has the effect of preventing the contraction of the intestinal cells, thereby reducing the blood flow better and intestinal spasms, twisted intestine.

Recent studies: Effects of Kudzu medicine carefully studied in China since the 70s The results announced for that Kudzu helps reduce blood pressure, relieve headaches, reduced pain shoulder and neck aches. In China, cassava flour curable diseases due to the decline deafening circulatory system. It works to reduce colestrol, the blood fat mass, anti-clotting and heart attacks.

Today, scientific studies also show the effects cassava alcohol. A study Chinese medicine named Vinh Minh Cuong Chinese interviewed 300 people using cassava flour cassava flour showed the drunk effect, neutralize toxins and poisoning the body due to alcohol internal organs without leaving any side effects to the body.

When he returned to Vinh Minh Cuong Harvard University, he summed up the medical experience and concluded that cassava tubers do not know for what reasons also work to reduce the craving for alcohol addicts alcohol and reducing the ravages of alcohol on the human body.

Studies on the effect of cassava will continue in both the US and in Asia. Perhaps the ability of cassava unprecedented even surpasses the existing research claims in this country. The documents of the ancient Chinese medicine have said that the drug contains Kudzu also used to treat the fatal disease.
However, cassava is still unknown to many in the West as well as in Vietnam. Vietnam who used it only as a conventional beverage in the summer and they give more flowers for flavor without grapefruit on grapefruit flower is understood to reduce pharmaceutical properties of cassava flour significantly, processing cassava flour is not in accordance with nourishing yin yang method - Ohsawa, so the effect is not high in cooling and increase the body's energy, as well as unknown its effective use in preventing and treating illnesses. Oriental medicine have used it with the name Cat Can, also used as an aid only and not the main position in most common prescription. It is only the practice of acupuncture oriental mentioned along with the introduction of acupuncture. Cissy Majebe Mart, research director of the Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Northern California also addresses issues Kudzu tea to complement the acupuncture. However, efficiency is not the same for everyone and it depends on the type of disease.

Kudzu drugs: Drugs Kudzu is prepared in two forms: dry powder form and originality. Cassava flour to treat dyspepsia, headache, colds. Can also eat a lot of boiled cassava tuber has a similar effect, but should buy fresh cassava grab and eat home cooked because things have been peddling boiled sugar marinated second chemical is harmful to the body. Kudzu tea can be used as chronic headaches, stiff shoulders, colitis, sinusitis, respiratory diseases, drunk, allergic itching, rashes types of skin allergies, asthma, pneumonia and pimples .

In "Protecting Health", published in 1973, suggested tea Muramoto cassava flour in the case of colds, reduces the pain in general, cramps, muscle spasms and diarrhea. When prepared with ginger and salt to drink, you dream more effective. Ginger to help digestion and circulation while dreaming of salt (follow the formula Food Nutrition) neutralize the effects of lactic acid and knock them out of the body.

Tapioca tea as well as other products such as flour from cassava flour, tea, dried root problem behavior can be found in stores with other medications such as ginger, roasted rice powder, cinnamon. Especially in our country there are some who know Chi plated dishes - tea with cassava flour and sesame seeds are a nutritious food stuff especially for women and children, especially those who feel eager in the body, just other disposable is already right. Cooked cassava flour module works like magic panacea for cooling the body in an efficient and effective manner in all other specific ways, there is no tea or food stuff thermal bar magic by nine cassava flour. Cook up with black sesame and little sugar, can treat the bone disease smoldering hot, and the effects felt tired and energy solutions.

Here is a way of processing cassava flour cream. If you have digestive problems, you will find effective immediately if taken one hour before meals.

Note: When processing cooked, then let cool a few minutes and eat hot food.

Beautifying effects of cassava flour

1. cassava flour freckle treatment

Many people often wonder, does not know how to use cassava flour skin with beauty? The answer is definitely yes, which uses the first beauty therapy must include freckles is extremely effective.

In cassava tubers contain an active group of isoflavones, substances active hormone estrogen similar to estrogen in a woman. These substances will replace Hormone disorders, stabilize their activity, preventing excessive secretion of melanin, reduce dark pigmentation, freckles. In addition, isoflavones also antioxidants, slowing the aging process in the body.

To treat freckles, you can drink water every day cassava flour to repel dark pigmentation from within. At the same time mask combination cassava flour from outside the recipe: 1/2 cup tomato juice bring mixed with cassava flour. After exfoliation on the face, you and spread this mixture on the skin, massage gently combine until the mixture dries on the skin, then wash off with warm water.

Perseverance use this way for a while, you'll notice the skin freckles fade away and lost, instead of a ruddy complexion, bright white.

2. Acne cassava flour

Acne is the greatest obsession of puberty. However, when treating acne, you should not be hasty but to persevere combination treatment both inside and outside. If you have tried all the ways that still does not work, try using cassava flour acne with topical formulations of the drink outside watching stars.

Cassava flour with heat effect, detoxification is very high, will quickly push the toxins accumulate in the body, reducing acne and return the skin to its original smooth. How Acne cassava flour as follows:

Inside: Mix flour with cassava flour and a little green bean easy way to drink, drink 2 cups a day, or if you can not drink raw dough, you can cook cassava flour with a little sugar and everyday use . In addition, the use of raw cassava tubers, and green beans, boil drinking water each day is also extremely effective.

Outside: Mix 20g cassava flour with 20g mung bean flour, 1 teaspoon honey until thick. Apply it on the face with a thin layer, to within about 20-30 minutes and rinse with cold water. Masks combined with cassava flour chickpeas cooling effect skin, detoxification, inflammation, will quickly make the acne spots and disappear se.

3. cassava flour exfoliating

Apart from acne and freckles, cassava flour can be used to exfoliate weekly very effective. You just mix cassava flour 1 teaspoon tomato juice and apply the mixture on the skin and massage gently until the mixture will then wash your face with warm water.

You can also mix 1 1/2 tablespoons cassava flour with egg yolk and 3 strawberry puree. Apply this mixture on your face for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The combination of these ingredients are considered "panacea beauty" will quickly dislodge the dead cells accumulate in the pores, making the skin clear and provide nutrients to the skin to become youthful, ruddy and round strong.

4. cassava flour anti-aging skin

In addition to the above uses of beauty, the beauty skin cassava flour also has a special advantage that a lot of you expect, it's anti-aging skin.

As you step into the age of 30, the skin began to show signs of aging caused many women fear. This will not be a concern with the sisters chose cassava flour as methods for their own beauty.

Kudzu contains plavonoid tubers, have been shown to enhance the operation of the digestive system, circulatory - is high in antioxidants, enhance blood circulation, prevents premature aging symptoms in humans. In addition to the effect of isoflavones substance freckles, also against the causes tanning, pigmentation da.Vi such, it acts to slow the skin aging, beauty and skin whitening effect.

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